Letter Parts

Letter Parts:
1. Head of the letter or letterhead
2. Date of letter
3. No letter
4. Attachment
5. Case or subject
6. Destination address
7. Greeting
8. Body of letter, covering letter opener, letter and cover letter
9. Regards cover
10. Name of company or organization
11. Signature and name of the responsible light letter
12. Copies or oppression
13. Initials
14. Stamp companies or organizations

Kind Form Letter:
1. Full straight shape (full block style)
2. Straight shape (block style)
3. Form a half straight (semi-block style)
4. Indented form
5. Official Forms
6. Hanging paragraph form

1) Letter Head
Head of the letter is usually typed on the upper left or in the middle.
Head of the letter mentions
(1) name of the office / department / company / organization;
(2) address,
(3) telephone number,
(4) post office box number, fax, address wire,or e-mail address (if any).

2) Name of Place and Date
Typed letter dated at top left (full straight shape) or the upper right
(A half straight and Indonesia), or at the bottom right.
Date the letter indicates the date the letter was sent, not the date of writing
letter. This date is appended immediately after the letter was signed by
officials or authorities. This date function to find out
limit the time and sooner or later than the disputed settlement
in the letter. Date should be written with no abbreviated but
with the letter in full and did not end with a dot. For example:
Office Administration
Letter Writing Service
7 April 2002
October 1, 2003
January 31, 2004
1 October 2003
January 31 ’04
18 April 2004.

3) No. An official letter is always given (1) the serial number of the letter sent (outgoing mail);
(2) code, and (3) years. For example No.: 200/Diklat-1/2004.
No. typed letter in line with the date, month and year.

4) Appendix
Writing the word “Number” and “Appendix” shall abbreviated, but should
done consistently. If “number” abbreviated “No.”, “Appendix” also
should be abbreviated as “Lamp.” use the numbers For example: Lamp.: four sheets, rather than 4 (four) pieces
or 25 sheets

5) It / About
It / concerning the contents or the core brief letter.
properties are usually listed in the letter
Under terms of the number or below. Example:
1. No. : 74/RPB-1/2004
Nature: Important
Lamp. : One file
Subject: Invitation meeting reception
pegawaiPerhatikan candidate that the writing of numbers, things, and attachments, as well as the nature diakhiridengan no punctuation whatsoever.

6) Mailing address
There are two kinds of mailing address, namely address in (the pieces of mail) and
outside address (on the cover letter.) This address was written with no end in
read anything.
His name is written completely in accordance with the habits
written by concerned, not shortened or altered spelling.
Name of person / position is written with a capital letter at the beginning of every element of the name.
Yth. Mr, Yanto Diamond Rosyidi, S.E.
Director of Sentosa Jaya
Jalan Kencana 12

7) Hail opener
With respect, “. Writing end with a comma
and written with no abbreviation.

8) The contents of the letter (the body)
The letter generally consists of three things, namely the opening, the contents of the
real and cover. The contents of the letter that actually contains something that was given them know or who
suratPada generally delivered to the recipient, the cover of thanks to all matters raised in the letter or the letter writer hopes.

9) Hail cover
Greetings typed cover is two rows of the closing sentence.
Drs. Bernad, M.M.
Marketing Director

10) CC
A copy was written in the lower left, straight up with a number of things,
and attachments, inline with NIP or another number. A copy of written
sequence according to the grade of the agency concerned.


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