Letter of Understanding

A. Letter of Understanding

In communication, people give each other information. Provision of information by humans done in two ways, namely in oral and written.

Information orally occur if the furnisher facing each other either directly or indirectly. Communication process can be done by talking over the telephone, radio, television, and so forth.

The letter is one means of written communication to convey information from one party (person, institution, or organization) to another party (person, institution, or organization).

B. Mail Format

As a means of writing, a letter has a format of writing, especially formal letter or official. With the format of a letter, writing a regular letter, parts of the letter was not written anywhere but placed as required.

Forms of writing a letter or letter format commonly used are 5 forms, namely:

(1) form a full straight (full block style)

(2) the straight shape (block style)

(3) a half straight (semiblock style)

(4) a hollow (indented style)

(5) of paragraph hang (hanging paragraph)

Shape half straight or semiblock style there are two types, namely :

a. Indonesia form the old (version a)

b. Indonesia form a new (version b)

Based on observations in the use of form letters, official letters Indonesia longer much use a version of the format, while the Indonesian official papers using the format version of the new b. In regard to the format of the letter, the Center for Language in the activities of daily correspondence and a half-day format melazimkan straight version b. And, the Center for Language recommend to the community, through the extension of Indonesian in various agencies, Indonesian counseling by phone or by mail, to use the format of a half straight b because it is considered more efficient and more attractive.

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