Form a half straight (semi-block style)

Form a half straight (semi-block style)

Form a half straight of the form letter nearly equal to the straight form, the difference lies in typing isis only, ie each new Alenia signed five spaces.


Bekasi, 19 November 2010

To the Company, Leather

129 Jalan Bengkulu



With respect

We are pleased to host proclaim, that the delivery of 11 pieces of leather  have been received well on October 25, 2010.

Then starting on 13 November 2010 Leather continues to try for us to produce.

We on behalf of all directors and employees to congratulate and award the highest to the masters and servants in full. In the short time we will convey to host the full report on the study data

So once again we thank you.


Publisher Budi Mulya

Bernard Julio


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