Letter of complaint

With Regards,
Together with this letter we Superstar SKU located at 20, would like to express our complaints about the exhibition that was held a few days in our shop area. We have seen at first hand wisdom PRJI hold exhibitions dedicated to supporting our area a distinctively Indonesian handicraft exhibition or Fish Exhibition. But for the exhibition this time, we feel this exhibition does not support at all, because the exhibition that was held like a bazaar, bazaar in schools (which are not themed and mixed). Where the goods being traded not unlike the existing items in stores PRJI In our shop this weekend sudden drop of 40% of the usual weekend-weekend. We appeal to the Promotion Department PRJI to be prudent in sorting booths are also “temporary exhibition” in this PRJI Because of our tenants PRJI have responsibilities in the continuity of our stores at this PRJI where trade competition for tenants PRJI itself was very tight so please do this by added competition booths that only utilize the opportunities while on the days Holiday / Weekend where Such days also are the days that we expect in each month. We beg attention, understanding and wisdom. Thank you


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