• Televison

Rino and Toni watching television at home rino

  • Car

Tina buy car avanza red color

  • News

Recent news about the eruption of Mountain Merapi

  • Geography

Geography in the science of places, concerned with qualities and potentialities of countries.

  • Atmosphere

Layer of Earth’s atmosphere, a layer that provides many benefits and protection for life

  • Person

every person on earth is always different

  • Water

Water is essential for life

  • Pencil

ani wrote using pencil water

  • Food

I like japanese food

  • Tooth

Toni brushing  tooth everyday

  • Soap

Tino buy soap at supermarket

  • Soup

My mother  cook soup in the kitchen

  • Cup

Ani drink two cups of coffee

  • Money

Rian save money at bank mandiri

  • Hydrogen

Vehicle Hydrogen Retrofit Save $2000s on Gasoline & Diesel

  • Minute

I come to school five minutes late

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